Every year, tens of thousands of fans come from all over to watch the Denver Broncos prepare for the upcoming season at training camp. We were anticipating record-breaking crowds and wanted to develop an experience within our Broncos 365 app where fans could easily find important information they would need to be prepared for training camp and make their experience while attending easier to navigate.

Project Lead, UX/UI Designer

Adobe XD, Rover


Coming to training camp to watch your favorite team is exciting! It can be overwhelming when you need to know where to park, what events are happening, and what the rules are for entry – and that can take away from the enjoyment of the event if you are not prepared.

Problem: There is a lot of information that needs to be communicated to fans prior to and while attending training camp. If fans are not informed, this can hinder the experience and they may miss out on something

Solution: Provide a place where fans can quickly access, navigate, and refer back to the information they need to have a successful training camp experience

Question: How might we organize information in a clear and engaging way to help our fans have a smooth and memorable training camp experience?


We identified the main challenges we believed to be involved in having a successful camp experience. Since this was the first training camp experience we were building in our app, I also pulled analytics from our 2021 training camp page on the deverbroncos.com site to determine what the most clicked on links were and which pages has the most engagement. Then, I researched and analyzed other training camp experiences created by NFL teams to understand user needs and fill in the gaps to what they were missing.

Visual Language

Every season, we develop an overall visual identity that will be used on all creative assets across various touchpoints. It was important that the look and feel of the experience cohesively fit into the overall visual identity.


I was able to develop an experience that was informative, easy to use, and achieved the goal of providing one location for fans to prepare themselves to have a more meaningful and successful training camp experience.